Relief or Resolve – It All Depends

Living with Parkinsons…..

Israel Robledo

The person that says that of all diseases one could have, one is lucky to have Parkinson’s Disease, has no idea what they are talking about. Plain and simple. Live the life of a person with Parkinson’s Disease for a few days and your whole outlook on life changes.

I’m resolved to live a life sentence with a disease that has no possibility of parole (as of yet). I’m resolved to do what I can to help bring better treatments and therapies for all of us living with Parkinsons. I’m resolved to do what I can, while I still can, to make a difference in the fight of a lifetime against an insidious disease.

Relief for me would be nice in the form of less nightmares that have me thrashing and screaming and more sleep that comes less and less these days. Relief from having to rely on medications that…

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2 thoughts on “Relief or Resolve – It All Depends

  1. My Dearest Von,

    It certainly isn’t because I like the topic that I liked the blog. I liked it because you shared it, and in doing so are sharing a part of yourself. The part I see, is the warrior ..the fighter…the optimist.
    Sure, they may have been built from years of struggle as an adoptee but they serve us well in other areas as well.

    I’m here to walk beside you in this journey just as you have in many parts of mine.
    You are my hero.

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