The Reveal

Those of you old enough, or young enough, to remember that ABBA clip where the girls take off their long white skirts to reveal short white skirts, worn of course with white boots, will have seen the perfect example of The Reveal. Now of course we have the app Reveal the 90’s for those who are devotees of the 90’s or The Reveal. And we find it in many other areas of entertainment –
In real life The Reveal can be tempestuous, turbulent, troublesome or traumatic, maybe all of those! You know that moment when someone you thought was sweet, kind, enlightened or too good to be true, turns out to be jealous, possessive, self-obsessed and the opposite of how they have presented themselves. They reveal all in one unexpected, surprise moment and you wonder how you missed it. They were living life behind a mask which had you fooled. Strong women can be reduced to wondering how they could be so stupid, so easily taken in or even so needy! Kind men can wonder how they could be so gullible, so much taken advantage of and so misunderstood. It can leave us feeling silly, vulnerable, humiliated and damaged. If we have self-confidence and a healthy self-worth, we may react with compassion, humility and be able to see the funny side of such human behaviour, because it certainly has a bizarre aspect, which can be weird and unsettling. Laughter releases the tension, sets us free from the tentacles which have tried to entrap us and gives us a valuable new perspective which provides strength and courage for the new start we will need to make, once we assimilate this new knowledge and learning about the other person and about ourselves. We also need to keep a level head, even though it might be reeling with this new information and the shifting of our world, our perspective, our goals and direction. Our level head will be invaluable in setting a new course, maintaining our balance and putting this experience onto that internal scale we all have where we rate our lived experiences. Is it something we process and forget or will it become a story to entertain the VBF’s on a girls’ night out. Maybe they have seen it unrolling but will be just as surprised and amazed as we are at The Reveal. If not, it probably doesn’t qualify as a Reveal at all!
And to finish I just had to share this with you!

My! My!! The costumes! How did anyone take them seriously way back then? The point is they probably didn’t and something so tongue in cheek was valued for it’s risibility factor, life was not so serious and laughter was something we could practise with intent, especially with ourselves as the subjects. Have fun!


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