Twin Sisters + Response

Always wrong to separate twins – always!!

Red Thread Broken

Last month, the independent film Twin Sistersaired on PBS. This documentary tells the story of twin sisters from China who were separated, one adopted by a Norwegian couple and the other by an American couple. The filmmaker does a beautiful job juxtaposing the hustle bustle of life in Sacramento and the quaint, timeless feel of Fresvik, the little town of 234 people in Norway. Moreover, the film captures a wide range of emotionality for the girls – from longing to be together, to the awkwardness of language barriers, to the goofy, free-spiritedness of ten year olds. The film is well-done, and I would recommend watching this film as well as taking some time afterwards to reflect on the situation. Many have found it to be a beautiful story, but I find it more heartbreaking than anything else. This post will discuss the questions raised for me.

For the next three weeks, you can stream…

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