“Recruite” a New Birthmother and Earn $500!

Some things are beyond belief…….

Letters to Ms. Feverfew


This is an actual postcard sent to an actual mother* of adoption loss by an actual adoption agency in Utah, A Guardian Angel Adoptions.

And yes, you read it right.

The mother of adoption loss can get a $500 gift card for convincing an expectant mother to voluntarily terminate her parental rights and give her child to some couple far more “deserving”/”worthy”/”capable”/educated/well-monied/married than she is at the moment.

One of the common tactics used to keep mothers of adoption loss “in line” is to have them go around to various groups “sharing the miracle of adoption.” This agency is upping the ante by attaching a dollar value to the “recruits” a mother of adoption loss brings to them.  What is the logical conclusion of this set-up? Mothers of adoption loss preaching the “miracle” of adoption to turn a profit.

Niiiiiiiiice. </sarc>

Now, each one of these expectant moms who…

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One thought on ““Recruite” a New Birthmother and Earn $500!

  1. I can’t press like on this one – glad you posted it though, Von. Yuck – trafficking has come to this – reward money.

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