Adoption is Terrifying

Imagine! ……


I’m starting this video a full minute in because I care about my readers. You’re welcome.

Nevertheless, I am very, very sorry, and I hope you can forgive me. I’m not doing it just to bring your attention to this hideous book-song-thing, although it is hideous.

I’m doing it to bring your attention to the banal terror of adoption. Watch the kids when the camera goes over to them around twenty seconds in. Now read the lyrics. Now try to convince yourself this work and this performance is intended to assure children their new parents love them unconditionally and want them to be happy.

Try very, very, very hard to make your face look as if that is what you believe as you listen to this song.

Now imagine realizing, before you’ve even hit puberty, that your life depends on this performance, and that the people who demand it…

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One thought on “Adoption is Terrifying

  1. But then again how many were made to go to church adopted or not adopted. I don’t think this ads anything positive to the debate except the fact that all kids at that age will try to please their parents. Their english language skills are not great but that would be understandable

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