Children Deserve (White, Rich) Families

Please check this one out and the first link!


Nauseating. Repulsive. Incredible. UGH.

The snurchin doesn’t know anything about Katie Jay and her blog; I just stumbled on a link to this page.

This article slams kinship care really hard, but **provides no evidence for doing so. I can only conclude the author would never, EVER leave her own child in the care of her own parents (its grandparents)  because kinship care means a child risks being starved and denied an education. (You can’t trust relatives to look after your child. You can only trust strangers from another continent who will never have to give you an accounting of how they treated your child.)

Of course, Katie Jay’s grandparents would never deny her child any food or education they couldn’t afford to buy, because they’re white, and aren’t white people the best? Really, aren’t we just the most loving and compassionate people anywhere? It’s true because we say…

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