The Perils of the Unlived Life

How do you play? What are your dreams? How do you nourish yourself?

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

By Jason E. Smith

The Unlived Life of the Parents

One of the most potent forces upon the psyche of the individual, according to C.G. Jung, is the unlived life of one’s parents. By this he means the potentials of the parents that have remained unrealized and the personal qualities that have never been developed or expressed.

Jung, however, is not speaking of those things that have been attempted and missed, but rather those things that were never even chanced:

“that part of their lives which might have been lived had not certain threadbare excuses prevented the parents from ever doing so.”

houseIn other words, the unlived life is that aspect of one’s life that was avoided due to such factors as fear, willful unconsciousness, or an excess of conformity.

The well known example of this is the father who puts all his hopes onto his son to become…

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