Rethinking the “Angry Adoptee”

the angry adoptee…..

elle cuardaigh

Rethinking the “Angry Adoptee”.

Thank you to “Red Thread Broken” (not to be confused with The Tangled Red Thread) for this post. It is something I get a lot, usually by people who want to shut me down. They don’t even realize that’s what they are doing. I express an opinion on a subject I feel passionate about, and if I show even the slightest bit of emotion, I get, “You really don’t need to be so angry.” They are uncomfortable because my speaking up makes them think about something they don’t want to face.

Sometimes you need to get angry. There are things worth getting angry about. Unethical adoption is one of them.

The writer’s answer to her cousin’s question, “Are you angry you were adopted?” could have been my own. No, I’m not angry I was adopted. But I am angry that adoption has become so twisted…

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