Shocking admission by former DOCs worker

Adoptees and abuse.

Apology Alliance Australia

One comment I received privately about DLF’s comment to remove Baby Gammy from his mother and place him with a “good family” –   I sought and received permission to post publicly:

What constitutes “good”. When I worked at the Dept of Community Services I came across a lot of teen adoptees who were very damaged because of the adopted parents that had been chosen for them. Honestly you would not have given them the worst kind of pet let alone a child. (name withheld).

Brother Alex MacDonald worked with street kids in Melbourne in the 1980s.  He made the astounding comment published in a news article that out of 149 drug related suicides he attended – 147 were adoptees.

Psychiatrist Dr. Geoff Rickarby has spoken and written of the large number of adoptees he has seen in his clinical practice.  He advised the government as early as the 1970s that potential adopters were not…

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