Furness wants Baby Gammy taken from his Mum and given to a “good family”

Taking a baby from the mother who carried him because she is not ‘a good family’! As always DLF seems to have no interest in what is best for the child.

Apology Alliance Australia

Furness is using  the tragic case of Baby Gammy to promote her pro adoption agenda. In an on-line article published today both adoption and making commercial surrogacy available in Australia are being touted as the answers to the problems that became apparent in the Baby Gammy case.  Unfortunately the article says little about adequate screening of adopters and even less about the long term emotional and psychological ramifications to a child being created via such commercial arrangements.


In the above on-line article Furness suggests taking Baby Gammy from the only mother he has known “as soon as possible” to be given “to a  family”.  She obviously does not consider the woman who carried him for 9 months as his family? Baby Gammy’s Mum is poor and unmarried and certainly can not compete with the affluence, power and prestige of Furness and the people she represents.

Interestingly Furness is silent on the situation of Gammy’s twin sister – who is currently residing  with the paedophile who was wealthy…

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