Remarkable restraint among inspirational black youth

Police brutality, harassment and hostility towards black youth and the black community requires justice.

John Raible Online

If you ask me, the residents of Ferguson have shown remarkable restraint in their rebellion against an oppressive system that is totally stacked against them. Especially the youths, who remain determined to stay in the struggle every night, despite being teargassed, maced, and manhandled on a regular basis.


Somebody needs to state the obvious. I am sick and tired of hearing smug television commentators trying to shape public opinion and calm the anxious nerves of the overseeing class by praising the various St. Louis area police squads and Missouri National Guard. Some commentators act as if the cops are somehow protecting the community they have been sent in to occupy. It is clear to me that they are there primarily to protect the property of local store owners from looters. They act as if the protesters as enemy combatants, not citizens they are charged with serving and protecting.

As viewers…

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