“Adoption—forgiveness and second chances”

I wonder how the First Nations’ peoples feel about forgiveness when they had their country stolen, their children stolen and their lives?

Adoption Detective: Memoir of an Adopted Child

Have you ever wished for forgiveness and the opportunity for a new beginning? What if a beautifully wrapped gift box with a large bow arrived on your doorstep—the most powerful gift you have ever received. Inside is a note from God offering a new beginning, a second chance to do something important over again. What would you chose?

Judith Land | Second Chances Giving someone the gift of a second chance in life is a profound blessing.

Everyone encounters moral dilemmas in their lives. We all struggle to make the appropriate choices. It is a fact of life that we don’t always make the best decisions. Relationships end for the wrong reasons because we are misunderstood, give up too easily, or take the easy way out. Relinquishment of a biological child is a moral dilemma and major decision that immediately comes to mind. Altering life’s trajectory has infinite consequences for the adopted child and collateral…

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