The Normalization of Deviation

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Normalization of deviation is the process of becoming acclimated to a hazardous, immoral, or illegal activity or condition.

The result can be that we see, or participate in doing something wrong, but convince ourselves that it is normal, and continue on in spite of ( or denying) the risk, or criminality that it presents.

The exploitation of this process of Human thought and behavior, by role models, social group leaders, parents, teachers, and politicians is responsible for the corruption of societal values, mores, and the violation of laws, ethics and standards.

The universal secular humanist precept that there are no absolute truths, rights or wrongs, and that there are no black and white issues, that everything is a shade of gray, and that what is right for one person, is not ok for someone else, all based on the circumstances, is itself the psychological alibi for those that wish to…

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