“We didn’t get anything positive out of it whatsoever”

Giving ‘it’ away……



I swear to you, my head exploded just now. I had to go plucking bonebits off the ceiling and off the walls and out of the carpet and off the windows, and just when I thought I was done I found a piece of me atop one of the ceiling fan blades, and then it turned out some of the most important parts of my brain had been inside the vacuum cleaner bag for three or four days, and that sucked. But I’m OK now, truly. So read on.

Have you got pregnant and didn’t mean to, and don’t want to or can’t take care of it? My wife and I are wanting a kid, and it is legal to give it away within so many days, so if you know anyone like this please message.

“So many days.” How many days? Who gives a fuck? It’s not like…

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