2, 2 and 2: Brooke Davis talks about Lost & Found

Loss and grief

looking up/looking down

brooke! _114I met Brooke Davis some time ago at one of my favourite local indie bookshops, Beaufort Street Books. She was working there, and still is—but probably not for long, as Brooke’s debut novel, Lost & Found, has become a bestseller in Australia since its release last month and is to be published in twenty-five international territories in 2015.

Despite the common misconception that Brooke is a Perth girl (I think we’ve all been encouraging that!), she is from Bellbrae, Victoria, and moved to Western Australia to do her PhD in creative writing at Curtin University. While there, she was awarded the 2009 Bobbie Cullen Memorial Award for Women Writers, the 2009 AAWP Prize for Best Postgraduate Paper, and the 2011 Postgraduate Queensland Writing Prize. Before this, she had completed her Honours degree in writing at the University of Canberra, winning the Allen & Unwin Prize for Prose Fiction…

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