Grief is subversive

Grief is subversive…

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I came across this quote on grief and thought I’d share it and then cut and paste my collection of posts on grief below it. Grief, like all the other difficult and/or dark emotions often gets pathologized, but it is an important part of life, without which we would not be human.

I would also like to suggest an idea for consideration. Much of what is labeled psychiatric disease is grief that has never been expressed or properly felt, or validated. If we have unexplored trauma, then it’s likely we have unexplored grief too. Some of us need to begin a grieving process that never started in order to heal. Some of us have a life-time of grief that needs to be allowed and experienced. We can choose to challenge our culture’s fear of grief and the dark emotions and begin to heal and turn it around.

Grief is subversive…

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2 thoughts on “Grief is subversive

  1. This is so profound Von – and true! (I’m doing research for a new book on healing the mind) (you are invited to write in it too)

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