The emotional spectrum

We need to relearn to be ourselves and teach our children!

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

A Facebook status from the other day:

psycheMoods, mental states, emotions, feelings (negative and positive) exist on a spectrum. Human beings can experience any and all of the spectrum. It’s not an illness to feel shitty, even really heinously shitty, sometimes. It’s also not abnormal to get confused about the vast content of our psyches. This confusion can play out in numerous ways. Our society likes to pathologize these varieties of confusion. The DSM might be considered the book of pathologizing the human experience.

In fact given the state of humanity and the planet it’s a healthy sign to be struck quite heavily at least some of the time by the seriousness of our times. We need only learn to be with ourselves — body, mind and spirit. That is what, as a species, we’ve forgotten. It’s what we need to relearn and it’s what we need to teach…

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2 thoughts on “The emotional spectrum

  1. This really speaks to me! One of the great problems in my reunion is my mother insists she is perfectly, wonderfully happy, even though we have a fractured relationship. I can’t be happy without her in my life. I never have been. She embraces self help books like’ “The Power of Now” and insists I follow her example, but those books just leave me cold. She feels that I’m trying to drag her back to her unhappiness. I just want her to acknowledge that my relinquishment caused great harm. Her avowals of happiness tell me that losing me was not a problem for her. It’s a vicious cycle.

    • Reunion is a two way street and can’t be on her terms alone! Good luck to her if she is truly happy now and if she is there can be no harm in an acknowledgement of the past. Vicious cycles can be interrupted. Good luck!

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