What influences you? Do adoptees recover?

“The only one who can change your world and heal you is YOU!”

lara trace hentz

moi 20s and still sick

As an adoptee friend likes to remind me, we can never wake up and not be adopted. It’s ongoing, it’s life long, and our relationships in reunion reflect that…– Laura Dennis, Adoption Reunion in the Age of Social Media LINK

By Lara/Trace

The simple fact I have two names on the blog header influences me greatly.  I’m an adoptee for life… I have no other choice.  I’ve slowly had to become “myself” and meld two names in my brain as the “old me” and the “new me.”

Is it all bad being a two/named adoptee? Heck no. I’d rather be living the truth than a lie. It’s probably more confusing to you readers who are not adopted.  I have reunited with both sides of my bloodline – my first family are no longer a mystery. My ancestry is a giant tree, blooming with branches of…

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