Letting babies “cry it out” — the first experience of abuse for many children

“The discredited behaviorist view sees the baby as an interloper into the life of the parents, an intrusion who must be controlled by various means so the adults can live their lives without too much bother. Perhaps we can excuse this attitude and ignorance because at the time, extended families were being broken up and new parents had to figure out how to deal with babies on their own, an unnatural condition for humanity–we have heretofore raised children in extended families. The parents always shared care with multiple adult relatives”

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I’m sharing an article from Psychology Today about how important it is to nurture a baby. I’m also sharing it to show how we harm our children from early on, in infancy, while telling ourselves that the harm we impose on innocent babies is for their own good. It’s a good example since we do it to kids and adults too, throughout the entire human life cycle, in all sorts of ways.

I’ve talked many times about our culture being one of abuse. So much so that many times we are not even aware of the harm being done. This is one of the many reasons “mental illness” is so incredibly difficult to get a handle on.

Good people abuse their children everyday because they’re told to by authorities. It’s not intentional and education can make a big difference!

Letting babies “cry it out” is an idea that has been…

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