Why aren’t we all sociopaths?

“Our parents were salt of the earth sort of people. They kind who make good parents. While I know Keith was born the way he is, I have wondered if he would have turned out better if he had been raised by his birth mother, or if he would have been even worse. It’s possible our adoptive parents gave him the stability he would not have had otherwise. All my parents knew about his background was that his father got a lot of young women knocked up. His mother was just one of the victims. If Keith had been raised by his bio-family, even away from his father, would he have been better off?”

elle cuardaigh


In my book, I make no secret of the fact my adoptive brother “Keith” was (and is) a depraved individual. For those who haven’t read The Tangled Red Thread, here are some highlights. In fact, I’ll throw in a few things I didn’t mention before:

  • He enjoyed abusing animals and would do so whenever he could get away with it.
  • He held a clothesline to our mother’s throat and told her how it easy it would be to kill her.
  • He destroyed things by treating everything like it was junk, then complained it was broken.
  • He hit me with his fist, numerous times, once in the face.
  • He threw a dead animal at me.
  • He nearly killed an acquaintance by slamming his head in a car door, over and over.
  • He routinely stole our parents’ things to sell them, or break them, or just keep them.
  • He lied continuously, or…

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