If I can do it you can too — Really?

“There is no need to project our life experience onto others. Ever. It is, in my mind, a kind of oppressive force. Especially when it’s coming from multiple sources which is often the case when it comes from societal wide misunderstandings. We’re all unique, have different strengths and weaknesses and live with different limitations and therefore we all have different paths”

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

flowerI’m not a big fan of the “if I can do it anyone can do it” squawk. All too often what fuels that idea is an incapacity to recognize one’s own privileges.

And then also, it’s not just privilege, it’s the fact that we’re all endlessly diverse…and there is no telling what is different about another…everyone’s path is unique.

I shared the above brief comments on the Beyond Meds Facebook page and also in my private circles and a lot of people resonated with it right away and “liked” the post as well as making comments. It was quite popular, in fact. There were, however, a couple of people whom I respect very much that took issue with it. So that led me to consider how we humans respond differently to so many things and how important it is to be aware of that when we approach others.

Basically if…

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