New Morning

IMG_8332It’s one of those exquisite mornings when Mother Nature seems to be holding her breath. It’s so beautiful it’s almost hard to breathe and everything seems right with the world, at least in my tiny part of the world. The awfulness of what is happening politically in my country rolls on, each day a new horror, some new assault on the rights of our people and on the people who seek refuge here. Each day some crass observation by someone who should know better, a large blunder seemingly made on purpose to upset, to disempower and insult us ‘ordinary Australians’. Can our politicians really believe all those stereotypes they promulgate and if they do, they’ve demonstrated that they’re not fit for the job. And then there’s the rest of the world, with problems bigger than we could ever imagine sitting here in our ‘lucky country’, where the majority of us get enough to eat, have a roof over our heads and have never known disaster, poverty and degradation.
As I have long believed, we, individually, cannot solve the problems of the world, we can however work within our tiny part of it to do the best we can to make our lives and the lives of others the best they can be. We must speak the truth, seek the truth and live the truth to the best of our ability in order to sleep at night with a clear conscience, to be able to look our neighbours, our friends and family in the eyes and to live with authenticity.
Even those of us who have disabilities, are no longer young or fit can achieve enough to make a difference, however small. The insignificant often has a way of becoming very significant to someone else, we can never judge when that will happen or to whom. This week I set in motion the wheels towards having a parking spot designated for those with disabilities outside the chemist in our small township with another by the Saturday Farmers’ Market. It is of course complicated and involves lots of red tape, several departments of our local Council and requires signage, white lines painted on the road, etc!! Nothing radical but surprisingly absorbing for so many people! Of course I hope to benefit and for it to make my life easier but also to provide a service for others who need it. A tiny piece of activism but when you put everyone’s tiny pieces of activism together they amount to very large changes.
I have often said through my adult years that people often don’t realise that they hold the power, collectively, standing together we can achieve whatever we need to. It is a delight to watch those younger than myself discovering this and acting on it. Since the election of our new Government I have never witnessed such opposition, such unrest and dissatisfaction with the decisions of the politicians. People are beginning to understand that we have the power, we can dismiss this unsatisfactory Government if we want and many do. They have disgraced us with their stance on asylum seekers, treated us like ignorant fools, insulted and stereotyped us and tried to take away the hard-won changes which over the years made life slightly better for workers. We have had the highest minimum wage in the world for years and some of the best conditions for workers in the public sector. Our politicians are accessible, approachable and accountable or at least they were. Some still will be, while others, fearful of what they have wrought, will, when the public reacts, start crying victim, assault and start deceiving themselves that the reaction is that of a small band of dissenters, rather that of the ‘ordinary Australians’ they are so fond of mentioning at every opportunity. Some of them are already visible tired and fed-up with the results of what they have brought down upon us, but it’s not over yet, not as they say by a long chalk!
All this of course is a ‘first world problem’, miniscule in the face of disaster, dictatorship, the heavy hand of those who would deny women and girls their rights, their lives and their existence. The world is full of mystery, the unanswered and the unanswerable, the deceptions and hidden secrets of shady but powerful groups, the power of bankers and their supporters, those who protest their innocence who are far from it and the wheeling and dealing that ‘ordinary people’ find it hard to believe because it is so mysterious, so fanciful and seemingly so full of conspiracy theory. We need only look at Big Adoption, the world-wide adoption industry in order to find an excellent example. There are still many who believe the myths of adoption, who cannot see the big picture, connect the dots and understand that world poverty, which often results in the adoption of ‘orphans’, is the consequence of a first world economy, where anybody can purchase anything they want, including human beings of any age.


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