Mother’s Day

Some thoughts on Mothers’ Day….


So apparently I’m in a season of thinking and not much writing right now.  Although I suspect if I put all of the effort into writing that I do into thinking about my life, I would be more productive and happier. 😉

This time of year is hard for me, and sometimes I avoid writing to avoid hard.  It doesn’t really work, but it’s easier to forget about the things that bother you when they aren’t staring at you in the form of your own soul-wrenching words on the screen. I’d rather just hide out.

Post image for Say Goodbye To Avoidance

In case you missed by first few posts, I promised to be brutally honest on this blog.  Which means sometimes mopey.  Wait for it…

Mother’s Day has always been tough.  Growing up I loved my wonderful adoptive mother, but always wondered about the other mother.  Where was she?  Why didn’t she want to be my mother?…

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