Why can’t journalists ask the obvious questions?

Did you look at journos lately? Can they possibly have a long-term perspective on politics, the economy and all that? What happened to those old time hard-bitten journos who knew everyone, knew everything, had no polish but plenty of nous and never let pollies off the hook? Today most journos are the age of the pollies kids, maybe they’re too respectful, too concerned about having a job or too polite to form the big questions that need asking. Ask any of them if they’d resign on principle, refuse to reveal their sources or protect their informants if they have any and see if they’d do the same as other media minions wand editors, bosses etc who have been caught out in what would once have been considered unethical, unprincipled and bad practice. Good journalism is all but dead, throttled by Murdoch and his mates for the big buck.

The Australian Independent Media Network

Image courtesy of theaustralian.com.au Image courtesy of theaustralian.com.au

We are all frustrated at the lack of scrutiny afforded to our politicians, and in particular to the government’s repeated claims that we have a debt crisis. Why is it, however, that there don’t appear to be any journalists in the mainstream media who have the gumption to simply ask; “Prove it”? One of our readers has circulated a letter to the independent media sites (The AIMN included) asking that we continue to pose the questions that the mainstream media avoids. The reader, James Fitzgerald, makes a lot of sense.

I sent this to the Guardian Australia this morning, and to the ALP and the Greens as well as New Matilda, The Hoopla and Crikey in the hope that someone (or everyone) runs with it. The journalism sentiments apply to you, too:

Hello, thank you for being a part of the Australian free press.


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