Genetic bewilderment and adoption’s appalling cruelty

“Nowadays we know that a child needs a biological identity — but we are prepared to ignore it in our rush to provide a baby for everyone in the audience”

lara trace hentz

Children should have an absolute right to know who they are

PRESIDENT Higgins was completely right to highlight the outrage that is the denial of birth records to adopted people at the launch of his Ethics Initiative this week.

The psychologists call what happens to adopted people who are denied their biological identity “genealogical bewilderment.”  It is an act of appalling cruelty to expect any human being to float through life not knowing who they are and where they come from. It defies belief that any State could hold those records and deny them to their rightful owners.

As birth parents of children born mid-century die in droves, closing forever the possibility of a reunion, the State sits on its hands, but tells adopted people its hands are tied behind its back.

Sorry, said Minister Frances Fitzgerald in the Dáil last week. It…

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