Yoga at home

Please don’t watch if you’re upset by people in their underwear doing Yoga! Or by unmade beds., Or blokes drinking out of beer bottle in the bed! LOL! Enjoy and hope you get some benefits if you are sick and working towards healing.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I’m reposting this. Yoga has been the most wonderful rehab for me. I’m so very happy I’ve found it during this difficult time of healing.

I’m adding to my yoga knowledge and practice right in my home, via youtube mostly! Yup.

I’m still not well enough to go to a class, nor am I well enough to make regular appointments with anyone, but I’m very committed to getting healthy, so slowly, slowly my yoga practice grows. It’s very gratifying even if very slow.

For someone like me who was once an athlete going this slowly can be difficult sometimes, but since my rehab is taking so long…my body is so damaged, I’m also learning patience as well as how to listen attentively to my body which are both  great things to learn.

I wrote in a post a while back about yoga being ideal for rehab and it truly is…

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