Cambodian mother accuses Australian church of separating her from her children – Corrupt Australian run ‘Orphanages” Exposed

How it really is….

Apology Alliance Australia

Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman, adoptive parents of two children adopted locally through America’s billion dollar unregulated adoption industry, have lobbied the Australian government to open up the baby pipeline from Cambodia.  Originally closed because of corruption, black markets and trafficking in children.  An Australian film maker was threatened with imprisonment because of his exposure of the very murky world of intercountry adoptions, child theft and the involvement of Australian church’s in the industry

The above pressure to open up the flow of babies from Cambodia ignores all the previous research done exposing  the illegal baby trafficking in that country conducted under the guise of intercountry adoption

Now An Australian filmmaker has been given a two-year suspended jail sentence by a Cambodian court  –  for agitating for the release of Rosa and Chita, residents of a Cambodian Home run Australian Church

Cambodian Orphanages run by Australians are exposed on List of Shame

Dozens of…

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