“Great post here by TAO raising some good questions. This was my comment –
Yet again adults make the mistake that it is nothing to do with them! The adult factor in adoption i.e how good the parenting is of adoptees seems to be an as yet unmined field. Adoptive parenting is specialised, requires skill beyond that of parenting other kids and so often is thought to be just another parenting job. Yet again so called experts – yes I did note one was an adoptee – make the mistake of thinking adoption relates only to childhood. Many of the tasks of coming to terms with adoption lie well into the adult years, sometimes many decades away from childhood. I despair when I see how little advanced the thinking is on adoption, the practices of adoption and the skills needed to assist adoptees and also adopters who are so often forgotten when they need support. So many of the difficulties of adoption would be prevented by better selection of parents, better training, better support and after care. Many more would be prevented by truth in adoption, open records and the destruction of the adoption industry. If only children who really couldn’t be raised by their biological parents were adopted by carefully selected adopters we would see a very different picture in 20 years time! Great post TAO!”

The adopted ones blog


River by TAO - 2014While the idea of adoptees being studied has always bothered me, there was something else, I couldn’t name it, but it centered around the term well-adjusted, and how it was used by some within the adoption industry.  Then I saw this on twitter a while back, the NCFA Adoption Advocate publication #69 on Mental Health Professionals Education and Adoptees.  I’ve revised this post many times, and I leave it to you to decide if it makes sense, or not.

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