Attn: mental health professionals of all stripes

“May we all honour the mystery of our individual paths.”

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

med It’s okay to let your clients leave you without declaring them resistant to your care. They know better than you do when they are ready to work and with whom. It should not be assumed that just because they walk out of your office they are not finding their way even as they take that action.

Lack of resonance with the healer does not equate resistance.

Resonance is necessary for deep healing.

We all know this. Our gut knows it, always.

Letting go and being honest about our own limitations and lack of resonance with a client allows them to more easily find what they actually need. Reflecting the reality back to them gives them the confidence to trust themselves. Perhaps one can say, too, that until the client finds something more appropriate they can stay for whatever support might be offered in an open and honest context.

Letting people…

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