A Responsibility to Heal

Showing up for the journey and accepting the responsibility of the healing work which brings so many gains – how could we not?


I enjoy Valentine’s Day less for the expensive gifts can’t afford them, lame cards recycle, and chocolates I eat those everyday anyway, and more for the quiet reminder it gives me to reflect on the love in my life.  The love I share with my husband, child, pets, parents, in-laws, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends…The list is endless – as it should be.

I’ll admit it…love has been a struggle for me this past year.  In many aspects of my life.  Perhaps the hardest has been my relationship with my adoptive parents and birth parents.  Not the dads so much, but the moms.  My husband calls it “Mama Drama.”  Understatement of the century. My adoptive mom clings so tightly – I struggle to find space for my feelings and freedom to  love others.  My birthmom runs from love – she has been deeply hurt and is terrified to get…

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