Before We Finish With Woody Allen

abuseI’m not making any judgement on anyone not convicted, but point out that the custodial parent will often wish to protect an abused child from having to go through the ordeal of Court by not making formal complaint or pressing charges. Children may not have the knowledge to make up allegations and are therefore truthful…they just need to be listened to, validated and believed by caring adults.
There are some things to know about paedophiles: –
1) they usually deny their activities and present themselves as the victim
2) they come from all walks of life, but the more well-known they are the more they seem to expect to get away with it and the more their supporters will defend them and be willing to overlook their offending
3) paedophiles are rarely rehabilitated
4) paedophiles prey on a target group of children; some, like Jimmy Saville, on many target groups.
And a last word on the angst ridden Woody Allen –

An Open Letter to Those Defending Woody Allen.

Let’s hope the very offensive remarks and justifications will soon cease. For myself I’d also have to hope the production of movies would too, as I never saw one after “Annie Hall”; too much introspection and unfunny angst for me.

4 thoughts on “Before We Finish With Woody Allen

  1. You know I remember hearing this years ago Von that there is no cure for pedophiles – and I’m wondering if this is still true – do they just lock them up and throw away the key…

    • It depends on how many charges they can prove in court and on how many traumatised victims are able to come forward to undergo the ordeal of court. We have one here in SA also committed several murders so he has had the key thrown away. I believe paedophiles are sociopaths who prey on children which is why they have no remorse, believe in their own innocence and sometimes say the child ‘asked for it’ or flirted with them and ‘led them on’. There is no cure or effective treatment, anyone who says there is or who allows paedophiles to attend ‘curative’ groups and pretend, is a danger to children. There is a small group who show remorse, usually fathers who have torn a family apart who say they feel remorse and loss of the family life they once had. In the end they are victims too who may have been abused themselves.

    • No cure Trace they are sociopaths who prey on the young and vulnerable. In prison they ‘rehabilitate’ and the prisoners learn to ‘pass’ but are then even more of a danger.

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