On systemic displacement: adoption and the Olympics.

20 million people displaced by the Olympoics in the last 20 years!!! did you know that?

Daniel Drennan ElAwar

Adoption “activists” are lauding an adoptee, Julia Marino, for representing her “birth country” of Paraguay in the Olympics. I find myself at a loss to describe the extent of the inversion of such support, given the birth of the Olympics in neo-liberal fascism, and their use historically speaking to displace marginal and lower-class populations, their representation of the individual above the community, their criminal nationalism.

It is disturbing that all of the social and economic inequality that led to our very adoptions might be celebrated by adoptees, in this, its formalized and super-mediated form. To further note is that our “birth countries” love our “return” only when it fits into their own comprador espousing of such economic and political policies. Adoptees are “welcomed back”, but only as long as we are investors; [conservative] voters in local elections; teachers within elitist educational systems; “claims to fame” used to jingoistic or nationalistic…

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