What can you do about human trafficking?

Adoption and human trafficking – what can you do?

lara trace hentz

By Lara/Trace

I had the opportunity to speak about Human Trafficking with host Russ Letica… LISTEN

WATCH: http://youtu.be/E1pXg3OqH_g

On a recent Human Trafficking web forum, I posed the question:   I write about the connection between human trafficking and adoption, when money is paid for infants using adoption agencies both nationally and internationally. What is being done to address this?

REPLY: The Federal Strategic Action Plan describes action items that the federal government will take to improve services for victims of human trafficking. The activities are centered around the U.S.definition of human trafficking as outlined in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, which includes compelling individuals into forced labor or commercial sex acts. To my knowledge, issues about adoption of infants have not been discussed within our interagency meetings. That said, if you believe a crime of any kind has occured, please contact local or federal law enforcement, and/or the National…

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