Sunshine and Roses

IMG_7976Today I’m off to see the Immunologist who will look at out of date blood test results and decide what to do with me next. Usually it is very little and I’m being monitored for changes in Vitamin levels and other vital nutrients which seriously affect body function, but seem to be rather taken for granted by those who know best. Sunshine is my best ally and fortunately my Immunologist agrees – forget the skin cancers and the other horror stories; good, efficient body function is important and can’t be achieved without a healthy dose of real, genuine sunshine, daily if possible.
Here we have been having a bout of hot Summer weather and people are reporting strange green lights over the sea and a Prime Minister who seems to have lost all sense of reason, common sense and balance. Pete Seeger that champion of freedom, equality and justice has left us and the world will never be the same. What an extraordinary life he had, filled with music, love and outstanding values and how lucky he was to be born to his talented parents, who raised him the way they did. How lucky we are to have benefited from their wisdom! Pete was around my whole life and has been around the whole of my Daughter’s life. As a small child she had a huge repertoire of songs, including many of Pete’s, which she remembers and still loves today. How many millions of people around the world are today thanking Pete for all he brought and taught them. We add our thanks to those and our gratitude for his being. Vale Pete.
In the world of adoption, magic things are happening. Books are being published, minds are opening and it seems at last that non-adoptees are beginning to realise that adoptees know something about adoption!! The struggle goes on, it is by no means over….will it ever be over? It seems we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel and as the well worn joke goes it is not the oncoming train this time! By persistence, patience and sometimes sheer bloody-mindedness adoptees are making inroads, creating new lines of thought, adding their efforts and work to achieving what we need to achieve. Some of that is about removing stigma, creating new ways to think about adoption and adoptees, but some of it is about adoptees having what other people have, not being second-class with inequality dogging their every step. There is a long way to go but we are on the move…..we will overcome!

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