Boys will be boys, will be boys…oy…oys

Love old tractors, don’t you?

Francis Pryor - In the Long Run

Ye Gods, it has been yonks since I last sat down at the keyboard and wrote something memorable – no, just something – for this blog. And why’s that? I hear you ask in a slightly bored tone. Well my excuse is complex. For a start, it has been horribly wet and I’ve had to get all the sheep in from the fields – somehow. And that has taken quite a lot of work, what with clearing stuff from the two barns and liberating hurdles from less essential tasks. Then there has been the final copy-edit of The Lifers’ Club, which I’m delighted to say is now fully finished and ready for the mighty printing presses. There has also been my book for Penguin Press, which is finished, but in need of some final tweaks, to make it more marketable (and me, fabulously RICH!). Oh yes, and I’ve also…

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