Lost Daughters Anthology


This anthology is a collection of writings by the authors of the Lost Daughters blog. Lost Daughters is an independent, collaborative writing project that was founded in 2011 in an effort to give an accessible writing platform for adopted women. Boasting nearly 30 authors, Lost Daughters is written and edited entirely by adopted women, several of whom balance multiple roles in adoption and foster care along with being adopted. The blog’s name was inspired by author and adoptee B.J. Lifton’s concept of one’s self becoming lost and found throughout the experience of being adopted. The mission is to bring readers the perspectives and narratives of adopted women, and to highlight their strength, resiliency, and wisdom–to critically discuss the positives and negatives of the adoption institution from a place of empowerment and peace. The authors come from all walks of life and have a variety of worldviews, religions, political stances, types of adoption, countries of origin, and countries of residence.
You’ll find a wide variety of writings here on many of aspects of adoption. I hope you find something here to enjoy, interest and enrich your understanding of adoption, it’s many facets, stories and outcomes. Enjoy!

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