Breaking the Rules

let go
In my study, which was until recently, a dump for many items and is now an organised oasis of calm and peace, I have a solid wood desk with two sets of graduated drawers and a top which is a pleasure to polish. It holds photos of my GGGrandfather and of my maternal Grandmother as a girl of 19 back in her birthplace in Yorkshire. There is also a photograph of me as a toddler with my afather, on a beach which has been part of family life for four generations. There are paintings by my godson, my afather’s sister who began painting at the age of 80 and my amother. I am surrounded there by objects which have meaning, are part of my history and which give me a sense of where I’ve come from.
Next to it, at right angles, with a view from the window to the sea, is a battered old table with two useful drawers and a top which has seen the work of countless children, has scribbles, stains, chips, ink, paint, water marks and deliberate gouges and knife cuts. It breaks all the rules and is my preferred place of work. It has no pretensions, has an honest history and tells no lies. Every where it has been and everything it has done is written on it’s surface. What happens in it’s future can only be guessed at, but while it’s in my care it will be appreciated, enjoyed and what is on it will reflect who I am now, at this minute, today, and like my identity, changes, is subject to revisions, rearrangements, additions and deletions.
Sometimes it is hard to sit here – life calls me away or what I have to read is challenging, what I am working on is hard, scrambled, tangled and difficult to unravel. Today I have been away for much of the day attending to my health with a visit to the naturopath, a breakfast out, a little gentle shopping for pleasure and a Chai latte and a cannoli at Cibo. The day was warm and sunny, the company was perfect and the restorative powers of the events spot on. The Tour Down Under took over our living place, the lycra lads did their thing and tomorrow they will be gone for another year leaving us in peace and to get on with normal life again. We found our way home from the city ‘the back way’, along country roads with splendid views and were done a great favour in our discovery of beautiful places, our rediscovery of old ones and our relaxation and enjoyment in doing something different, ‘just for fun’. It is a holiday weekend and what a great one it is shaping up to be! Happy weekend to you!


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