One reason conversations between Adoptive Parents and Adoptees fail…

” Our combined voices give the many varied feelings of the lived experience – even when it involves something outside of our lived experience, the core basics of the adoptee experience – can give an adoptee a starting point to explain possible concerns. Will we always be right? No, but we have lived the basics challenges of being raised by non-biological families, and those basic challenges to work through are the same for every adoptee. Hearing many voices allows a view over the full spectrum of reactions – makes you aware in case that specific view applies to your child – choosing to only hear some that allay your fears, is a disservice to your child”

The adopted ones blog


A discussion was/is happening on Creating A Family post that featured an adult adoptee comment on another post.  Confused?  Dawn received a comment by an adult adoptee from a closed adoption on whether open adoption was a good thing.  I think many adoptees have thought about it, I certainly did.  I joined the conversation and yet it took a while, and many comments later – for some to understand what I was saying.  Of course, that is one of the reasons I blog is to get my complicated, contradictory thoughts to make sense to others and that takes time, reflection, revision…  Anyway…

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