CNN, Romney – on adoption we’re good @NPRWeekend #adoptees

Catch the comment on Laura’s blog about the new world! A place where adopters are educated about adoption and children are top priority.

lara trace hentz

By Lara/Trace

I must be living on another planet! WHO are these people? Come on, another Mormon like a Romney adopting is not news – they are SERIAL adopters of non-white kids. They had their own Mormon Indian Adoption Project! Thousands of Indian kids are now tithing each month as adults!  They make this part of their religious belief – converting us Indians savages into paying heathens! Everywhere they have missionaries – those saving plans worked!

Then we have NPR Weekend Edition with a horrendous white mother RACHEL who wants to sell her book and grab her 10 minutes of CELEBRITY on how she’s raising three little BLACK kids. Really? Read my take on that HERE

But this is almost to the point of HYSTERIA! Anyone who ridicules trans-racial adoption is in the crosshairs now???????????? REALLY?

I bet you money, more and more people are going to take a…

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