Warning: Adoption May Be Detrimental to Your Health

Adoptees and how our health is affected by adoption……


In a separate post, I mentioned tangentially:

I was writing up my piece on trauma because of a conversation with a friend and fellow adoptee; we were comparing stress symptoms, and discussing the health effects of stress. There is something disturbing in the idea of a body in a constant state of “fight or flight”, such that it destroys itself. Perhaps this is just a slower version of suicide; the body’s irrational final decision, overriding the objection of the rational mind….

I spent October and November writing about adoption thinking I was doing something cathartic; turns out not so much, to such a degree that I’ve advised myself to take a step back from it all. At the same time, I’ve spent the last six months playing dietary games trying to beat back a “pre-ulcerous condition” (I seem to have won this battle for the time being; if I…

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One thought on “Warning: Adoption May Be Detrimental to Your Health

  1. My adoption stress is with me constantly and has never centered solely around my own search/reunion but rather it is the larger picture that troubles me. It is the denial of equal access; the corruption, exploitation and commodification; the child trafficking…

    I did “step back” once for nearly a decade after my daughter’s death…but i can never turn my back entirely on these moral injustices.

    Mirah Riben

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