The Long Road Ahead

It takes courage to approach our selves and to see what we need to do to understand ourselves fully.


I started individual therapy yesterday….it was terrifying.  We are going to be doing some IFS (inner family systems) work. It is similar to the idea of healing the “inner child” but rather than one inner child, it is based on the idea that a person has many inner children (called the exiles) together with other parts of your personality that protect you from pain (the managers and firefighters) by keeping the exiles in your personality from allowing you to feel the intense pain of a loss. It involves separating out these parts of your personality and dealing with them one at a time.  I felt absolutely schizophrenic.  I saw exiles screaming to get out and managers trying desperately to keep them in.  The managers were absolutely horrified that they would not be able to prevent total chaos if all the exiles got out at once.  As we worked, it got…

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