Ten Tell-Tale Signs of a Chinese Adoptee

So many reasons why we adoptees seek the company and friendship[ of other adoptees.

Red Thread Broken

One of my adoptee friends told me that she has keen “adoptee radar.” I thought this was a funny thing to say, but then I realized that I, too, often try to find out if people I know are adoptees. I compiled a list of some of the characteristics I look for in determining whether or not someone is an adoptee. This list is not exhaustive, and of course, not every adoptee will subscribe to any or all of these below mentioned indicators.

1. They have a very Westernized name, particularly last name. (A lot of 1.5 or 2nd generation kids have Western first names, but not last names.)

2. The majority of their friends are white.

3. They’re studying Mandarin in school.

4. They went to Chinese School on Saturdays.

5. They can’t tolerate spicy food.

6. They don’t know which year it is on the zodiac calendar.


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