Hell freezes over!

hell freezesI’m led to understand by FaceBook that there is, in a State of the USA, a town named Hell and that it has frozen over! The photos ‘prove’ it! I guess if you’re in Hell at least you’ll be staying warm. Hopefully all of you my friends across the pond, will be keeping warm, dry and not have your pipes freeze. Global warming is so unreliable!
Here in my part of the world the glorious days some of you were having in Autumn have arrived for us and been transformed into magnificent Summer days of 23C with clear blue skies and seas of turquoise. I was taken to visit my favourite beach yesterday. I looked the best it could look, nicely peopled with children and families on holidays and the Shark spotter plane circling above to keep them all safe. The sea looked innocuous, as if nothing nasty could ever happen there and yet in Winter this beach shows another face and has been known to wreck ships, drown sailors and lose cargoes. Some of my own a-ancestors were in a shipwreck off this coast and were lucky to survive, live, thrive as early settlers. Therein of course are other thorny questions about land rights and the celebration of Australia day coming up this month – the day when our First Peoples lost their country to the British, who took it without compunction in many cases.
This morning was filled with beauty. Wedge-Tailed eagles soaring overhead enjoying the thermals, silhouetted against a cloudless blue sky. A lone heron flapping his/her way to the dam, the promise of water like a compass guiding the flight. Sights to lift the spirits, fill the heart and gladden the day.
I have been enjoying a very domestic life, because I can! I am now improved enough in health to do those exciting task around the house like scrubbing sinks, tidying out drawers, cleaning mirrors and clearing out wardrobes! I have been preparing a large terracotta pot to become a pond, sealing it and making it ready to receive the waiting waterlilies and hopefully the surviving fish which have been living happily underneath them in a large dustbin. They have had to be patient. It has taken the humans quite a time to pull this courtyard thing off, but it is at last all coming together harmoniously, with a bit of a Tuscan/Australian look, all terracotta, succulents and bits of what will be productive garden with herbs. It is comfortable, relaxing and already made such a difference to my quality of life. Being able to garden, even in a limited way and get my hands in the good earth is vital for my health and state of mind. I made my first garden in an old half wine barrel when a very small child, aided and abetted by my amother’s stepmother or as she liked to explain it, my ‘step-adopted-grandmother’. She married my beloved aGrandfather late in life and was a devoted and loving companion, nursing him at home through his last painful days. A hardy Scot, she smoked like a chimney, bet on racehorses and loved to chew gum! These days she would be called ‘feisty’. The only advice she ever gave me was not to ride on motorbikes! Did I follow it? What do you think?
I’ll leave you with this http://theunboundedspirit.com/how-not-to-be-offended for your enjoyment. Have a fun day.

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