You may have seen the video of the woman who communicates with animals (thanks Trace!) – all kinds of animals, some many people avoid or would be too frightened to be near, some damaged and reviled by humans.
I was watching this yesterday evening in my newly cleaned and tidied study which had been a mess for the last couple of years, but no longer. My laptop is on a table in the window, so that I can see right to the sea and enjoy the view of vines, paddocks, sky and all that happens in it. Of course Emily my old tabby cat loves to sit on the window sill, where she can also see what goes on and can sleep in the sun, take it easy, but not miss anything. The window sill has been arranged to accommodate her with her likes and dislikes. Once the video started she jumped up and began rubbing herself enthusiastically on the laptop in a way she never does usually. At the same moment, a young male kangaroo appeared a few metres away, healthy and with a good coat and in great condition. He paused, took stock and with grace and ease made his way in the direction of the top paddock where his tribe meet, graze and enjoy the best of life. Next a young fox ran across the grass, busy with his endeavours – probably after my pigeons! Then came this lovely example of the enthusiasm of a Greyhound for life and everything in it; no yapping, no barking just the love of life and movement. http://youtu.be/7-feD8YMUIM
Greyhounds have brought me great joy and great sorrow. I have been privileged to live with two fine gentleman during the course of my life. One a blow-in during my teens, who came out of nowhere and stayed, a devoted companion for the rest of his life.
The next had a fine pedigree and could trace his family for generations. His father had been brought from Ireland, a big chap, who helped produce fine litters. After time away he eventually came home to spend his retirement years with the mother of his pups and they live in splendid companionship. My boy had huge promise, won his first race, broke a toe in the second and never made it to a third. He was full of enthusiasm for life, loved everything and nearly everyone and was a devoted and loyal companion. Nicknamed The Gentle Giant, he was the largest, tallest greyhound I’ve ever seen. My qualms on first meeting him, about whether I could manage him, where quickly dispelled once I got him home.
I have an enduring memory of him on his very first beach walk with me, diving into the sea for his first ever swim, battling the waves bravely and taking on the new challenge of life as a ‘pet’ greyhound. He peed on the curtains once or twice, but was a fast learner, but never 100% reliable as a house dog. I overlooked his little indiscretions, because becoming a pet dog was a big ask, a huge challenge and significant relearning for a boy who had lived in a shed all his life. He has been gone a few years now, but I never stop remembering, never stop looking at Greyhounds and Whippets when I am out, with yearning and a remembrance of those velvet ears, the mournful looks, the wide grins and the sheer joy of a Greyhound running for pleasure, for life.
Animals have always been part of my life. I am uncomfortable in houses where there are no pets and have that feeling that a house is not a home if there are no much-loved and pampered animals in it. They have so much to teach us, they give so much and expect so little. Above all, their exuberance and love of life can be catching, can lift our spirits, revive our love of life and help us to get through the darkest hours. They can, for many adoptees, be honest and trustworthy companions when all around us is lies, dishonesty and hypocrisy. They provide us with someone to love unconditionally, just as they love us unconditionally. But then most of you have discovered that already!! Have a happy day!


4 thoughts on “Exuberance!

  1. I love this! My mom rescued a Greyhound. She was a beautiful and awesome dog. My cousin, (a birth-cousin!) has also rescued a G-hound. I am going to share this with her. She runs a pet care website / blog / business. She will love this! P.

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