Get These Muts Away from me

Yours truly has been experiencing an amazing time. The beloved Daughter is still on holiday and organised a visit to a Reiki Master, or should that be Reiki Mistress? ( As you probably know my state of ill-health reached such a low point I decided that I had to take my own wellness into my own hands or in this instance into the hands of others too.
I have on another occasion reached rock-bottom and come to the same conclusion, with excellent results. In fact my recovery from RA was pronounced ‘ a miracle’ by the Specialist who had been treating me for a long time and had never seen such a severe or a rapid onset RA. I worked hard, I used any resources I could find, I discounted nothing and was prepared to give anything a go in the chance that it might help me to recover.
That being said, I’m not a ‘treatment junkie’ or a ‘remedies whore’ so there are some things I know will not ‘grab’ me and I eliminate them. For instance Rebirthing, which I once tried decades ago, is not going to be at all helpful, because my birth is the very least of my difficulties. What happened after my birth and in the first months of adoption and mother-loss and through the adopted life which has been full of loss, grief, bad choices and long lessons has been significant and will need much more dedicated attention than I have been giving it. At the same time I need to be done with the past, create a new future and walk on into a new and more comfortable place of health. Not only do I have the sadness of my current life, it seems I bear the sadness of many other lives and the load has become unhealthy.
Music has become important to me again and I have been looking at past favourites and understanding why they were comforting or had meaning and significance. I guess those millions who know and love “Graceland’ will find many reasons for buying the 25th Anniversary edition and hearing it anew. It is loved by my whole family, even my acousins, who around 24 years ago did a six day road trip with only one CD and must have heard it a million times! It is those long-held memories which make family, hold people together and make ties which are not blood-ties but are comforting, create a sense of belonging if you’re lucky enough to pull it off.
I remember hearing Paul Simon interviewed about the album when it first came out and his explanation of his writing of “You Can Call Me Al”. It must have struck a chord then as it strikes one now, something about the arbitrary assigning of names or perhaps other things I don’t care to analyse too deeply. I know that when something stays with me for so long it has significance and it is usually to do with my adoption.
I made good progress today – realising that being surrounded by healing women was a helluva lot better than being surrounded or attended to by those who did it without love. My mind of course tells me I know this. It is very different from realising it at a deep body level where it has been held since babyhood. There were tears, always cleansing and helpful. Today is today. I came home with some new treasures to accompany me into tomorrow – crystals and new ideas and revelations. Go well this new year.


2 thoughts on “Get These Muts Away from me

  1. “Music has become important to me again and I have been looking at past favourites and understanding why they were comforting or had meaning and significance. ”

    I started a list a while ago of songs as I came across them – time to get it back out and update it.

    Music is one of the best medicines for the soul.

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