Happy Christmas!

Here in my part of the world people have a Christmas or Solstice holiday regardless of their background, beliefs or current practices. We don’t fuss over terminology, correctness or the possibility of insulting others by standing by our beliefs while upholding their right to theirs. Workers often take 2 or 3 weeks off to have a holiday, a real holiday involving family time, relaxation, fun and change. This time is anticipated eagerly by most, dreaded by some and seen as hard work by others.
Here in my small family we have made our preparations – nice food, some of it special and things we don’t have every day; time for relaxation made possible by simplicity; no over the top spending or gifts we don’t want or need; organised time with relatives we don’t often see but enjoy being with.
There has been a tradition in my family for some of the men to play Santa. My agrandfather had his own satin Santa suit and always appeared at a local Children’s Home for a gig that lasted decades. The year I was invited to the party was disconcerting and disturbing for me. All those ‘parentless children’, the Santa who looked and sounded like my beloved aGrandfather and the largeness of the buildings and concepts. At that time there would have been few, if any, black Santas in my part of the world – he was always a bit of a ground-breaker! He played his part with humour, enthusiasm and loudness! I post this history of Santas in his memory and for the other two Santas in my family who did it with dignity and thoughtfulness, who treasured the gifts brought, the wishes and the dreams shared and the heartbreak of it on occasions. The Spirit of Christmas is surely alive and well when good men wish good things for the young and do their best to help their dreams come true. The hundreds of bikers who do the annual Christmas toy run, donating their gifts for those who need them, are among those good men.
Happy Christmas to all who visit here and thank you for your comments, your interest and your kindness – may you have a peaceful and happy Christmas!


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