Enabling child abandonment

IMG_6749In case you missed this excellent post a while back here it is again, well worth repeating – the funds spent on feeding a child in an orphanage would be better spent funding that child’s birth family to keep them, and that perhaps we are even enabling families to abandon their kids when we show up in impoverished communities with a shiny new building with beds and three guaranteed meals a day. If the orphanage seems like the best option in town for giving your child an education and getting them fed, who wouldn’t drop their child off? – See more -at Rage Against the Minivan: How the Christian orphan care movement may be enabling child abandonment Good comments too!
What so many who managed to recognise poverty or differing standards often fail to do, is to take the next step and examine the reasons for that poverty, famine and disempowerement, which result in not only hunger, death and human suffering, but in the selling of children, the trade in human life, often for sums of money which to the affluent West appear paltry. That dissonance, distressing trade off and publicly accepted fate for the young, is something which any good practising Christian should not be able to countenance, let alone support, encourage and allow to flourish or benefit from by adopting ‘an orphan’ in order to find salvation, demonstrate the micro in the macro and other such beliefs. That we can live in countries with problems of obesity and allow others in the world to starve is one of the dilemmas of our times – we seem to have developed wholesale ‘compassion fatigue’ or the inability to translate our concerns into actions, even on the smallest scale where change occurs and can be productive and useful if many participate. Many of us perhaps just don’t care or have media-led ideas about what happens in the world; we are bigoted, racist, suffer prejudices; are fearful; ill-informed. Those who do door-to-door collecting for charities often report that those who are the most in need themselves are the ones who donate the most generously. Perhaps the less you are in touch with the world and the more you are centred on your own tiny part of the world, the less you perceive the distress of others, the reality of life for others and readily accept distortion of facts, human need and the basic requirements for survival in a harsh world.
Here at Poddler’s Creek it seems to be Summer and the geese are lucky enough to still have water to swim in because the dam is well filled and will last a while longer. The young goslings are now old enough to be jockeying for position in the pecking order – often by observing them I can tell which are geese and which ganders. The marauding fox seems to have diverted it’s attentions elsewhere for now and the Goshawks are leaving my pigeons in peace again.
My health has been taken in hand and already we are seeing some slight and gradual improvements. I had a wonderful weekend, which included a visit to a local beach, where the waves were gentle, all was pale blue and white, fresh, clean and easy to live with. We have begun preparations in earnest for a modest, low-key Christmas with the high point being the visit of cousins and the sharing of part of the new baby’s first Christmas, although his paternal relatives are Hindu so the blending of cultures, practises and family traditions will be interesting. We are looking forward to a relaxed easy-going time with no pressure or hard work for anyone, no presents and time to catch up, catch our breath and contemplate a new year ahead. But first there will be tasks to achieve each day. I’ve done things today I haven’t been able to do in ages and will sleep tonight with satisfaction and contentment I hope. For those of you suffering chronic pain of the body or the heart and soul, I wish you well and hope you find the will and the strength to overcome what ails you.

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