Indian mascots “honoring” Native peoples?

Beyond offensive…….

lara trace hentz

Sonic drive in MO


Indian mascots, they’re totes honoring to Native peoples, right? That’s what fans always tell us, at least. Inspired by this image above posted on twitter, from a Sonic in Benton, MO, I decided to take some time to compile a list of just a few instances of how these mascots totally “honor” Native people. This is just from memory, btw. There are so, so, so many more.First up, Trail of Tears references. Background on first image here, and second image here. An old post of mine about the appropriation of “Trail of Tears” by Jezebel and Gawker is here for more info on just how hurtful this is. Remember: Trail of Tears=6000+ Native peoples killed by the US government so white people could have more land (yay manifest destiny! yay Andrew Jackson defying the Supreme Court!). Like I said, totally honoring:



Then there were

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