Rock Wilk has brought this beautiful version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” to attention. It certainly is lovely but my favourite will always be Jeff Beck’s on his album “Emotion and Commotion” ( His Nessun Dorma is heart stopping too. In my family he’s know as the people’s guitarist while Eric Clapton is the guitarist’s guitarist!

Today has been a better day despite some funny shenanigans this morning. I went to feed my geese and lost my footing, had a rather spectacular fall which would have looked funny to anyone observing – legs in the air but a soft landing fortunately. The dear family member who tried to help me up also managed to loose contact with the ground and had a fall also. We had a giggle over it and dusted ourselves off with no damage. Country life! it sure throws up some wobbly ones!
Thanks to all for the lovely messages and contact from dear friends and I made a conscientious effort on my part to pull myself round yesterday I had a good afternoon and an even better evening. My lovely Daughter tucked me into bed and did some Reiki on me which gave me the best night’s sleep in ages Some rather stronger medication helped too! Chronic pain is hard to live with and sometimes it just takes something extra on top which is difficult, like a computer not working or a sudden and unexpected piece of clumsiness or both and more, to send me over the top for a short time. I expect these things now, because I have tried to stop doing what many adoptees do, which is to swallow it, disassociate or ignore it. Expressing real feelings can be explosive, scary, surprising and sudden. I’m lucky to have a family who understand, encourage and aren’t scared. They also understand the life of adoptees and the things that happen in adoptionland which are sometimes a pain in the butt.
Hopefully it will be plain sailing for a time now. My email account has locked me out so I have set up a new one – contact me on Facebook or here if you need my new address. If you have sent me anything in the last 4-5 days please resend. Housekeeping over. Tomorrow is a new day and a new start. Take care all.


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