Poverty Tourism: A Debate in Need of Typological Nuance

Useful post but doesn’t mention that concern of adult adoptees and others -orphan tourism.

Staying for Tea

Toward a Common Language and Taxonomy of Poverty Tourism


UPDATE: An updated graphic with new notes has been posted at Poverty Tourism Taxonomy 2.o


Poverty Tourism has lately been the subject of renewed blogger chatter and debate. It seems a perennial issue that gets a paroxysm of attention each time a major media outlet runs a story on it. The latest series of posts was set off by a recent NYT op-ed by Kennedy Odede, a Kenyan who had some personal experience and harsh words for what he called Slumdog Tourism. The tone has ranged from reflective to outright shrill.

A decent assemblage of some relevant blogs and articles was posted a couple days ago at Good Intentions Are Not Enough. Especially thoughtful is the Dilemmas post from Lindsay Morgan at Dispatches. Especially interesting is the exchange (criticismdefensepartial apology) between William Easterly at Aid Watch and the…

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